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Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements In Texas As Defined By The State

Complete details about auto insurance laws in the state of Texas can be found on the website of Texas Department of Insurance. This department is also known as TDI and gives all motorists and vehicle owners valuable information about how the insurance system works for handing out policies and licensing.

All residents in Texas who either own or drive a vehicle are required by law to obtain a specific kind of insurance which is known as minimum auto liability. If a driver is found driving without this insurance, he will be heavily penalized in the form of fines and a possible cancellation of his registration. He will then have to pay different kinds of re-activation fee which will surely land him in a world of trouble. Therefore, it is essential to have the minimum requirements for auto insurance fulfilled before you take your car out on the public roads.

The state of Texas has made this minimum liability requirement compulsory for all its drivers to financially protect them in the case of an accident or road incident. This is because not everyone can afford to pay heavy medical bills or make up for property damages. This is where auto insurance in Texas steps in. When you are financially protected by your auto insurance company, you will not have to worry about paying for the damages caused from the accident. In addition to this, the legal system in Texas follows the Tort system of justice in which at least one person is found responsible for causing the accident. This means that that person alone will have to bear all the financial charge of the accident. If that person is insured, the insurance company will pay for the charges. If he is not insured, he is in for a real tough time. Each state in the United States of America has its own laws regarding the minimum liability requirements for auto insurance and Texas is no different. According to the changes made in auto insurance laws in April, 2008, Texas has a new set of minimum liability requirements which are mentioned as below:

•             25,000$ for bodily injuries

•             50,000$ maximum coverage per accident

•             25,000$ for property damages caused per accident

In addition to these state defined minimum liability requirements, you should also look out for other kinds of vehicle insurance policies that include collision car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. There is also underinsured and uninsured car insurance. None of these insurance policies are mandated by state law nevertheless if you can afford it, you should get this kind of coverage for yourself and your vehicle as it will give you complete protection when you are driving on the road. A lot of companies offer special discounts and other offers for its customers and clients and you should always be on the lookout to save money when purchasing auto insurance in Texas.

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