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Auto Insurance for Rental Cars in Texas

Once in a while one may need to travel beyond your state for business, pleasure or any other reason. If you already have possession of a car that is covered by Auto Insurance in Texas, it is highly likely that you are also covered for any damage to a hired car. Depending on your Auto Insurance in Texas policy, your cover may extend to loss or theft of the hired  or damage of possessions and injuries suffered by another person in the event of an accident. In short one may not have to purchase a separate auto insurance cover for a rental car if your current policy covers it. That being said, one must not automatically assume that their Auto Insurance policy covers a rental car. Most of the companies do but make sure to contact your insurance company to clarify and confirm the terms of your agreement as concerning rental vehicles. There are all types of rental cars ranging from basic to luxury and exotic cars. Make sure to enquire from your insurance firm on amount of liability coverage if you plan to go out of the country and the type of vehicles covered by the plan.

Due to the ever increasing competition in the commercial and services industry, some credit card companies offer a level of Auto Insurance coverage with their services. If you are planning to use your credit card to hire a car, inquire with your credit card company before hiring. This is to ascertain the type and the rate of Auto Insurance available to you as a result of being their client. Because of the ever changing financial conditions, always make it a point to confirm before hiring even though you may have used the same credit card auto insurance policy to cover a rental vehicle before.

Once you have all this information, you may have a sit down with your insurance company and maybe decide on purchasing additional coverage offered by the rental company just as an additional safety measure. Most companies offer a liability policy which covers any injury suffered and property damaged in the event of an accident. The injury clause may cover medical expenses incurred by the driver and the passengers in the event of an accident wile in the rental vehicle. A good policy will cover any effects belonging to the occupants that were damaged in the accident. It could also extend to cover any stolen items from the car. Basically any other factor not covered by your current auto or credit card insurance can be moved to the rental car insurance if one chooses to do so. There are other avenues of obtaining car insurance for a rental vehicle available on the internet. If you are planning on renting a car, enter your Zip and the start of this page to get more information prior to you making your decision.