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Texas Car Insurance and Age Statistics in Texas

Statistics are carried out to estimate the risk levels and factors of different age groups. The evidence collected from such statistics help the Texas Car Insurance companies in calculating which age groups are highly susceptible to accidents and which are not. The higher the risk factor, the higher the premiums afforded to the persons fitting that particular age group. For instance male drivers between the ages of 16 to 23 are four times more likely to die from road accidents than the average rate in the US. Other statistics show that drivers with the highest fatality rate are those of 16 years and it goes even higher of the 16 year old driver has passengers. However, drivers between this age group of 16 to 23 and are married are proven to have a lower traffic fatality rate being that they are less prone to taking uncalculated chances. Another age group that is close in terms of car insurance risks to the persons aged 16 to 23 are those aged 75 and above. This is because of the complications that come with old age. They are blurred vision, inability to react quickly in the event of a mishap, arthritis and many more. Some are also known to have DUI and DWI records. These two age groups pay the highest premiums as far as Texas Car insurance is concerned.

On the other hand, drivers between the ages of 45 to 50 are considered to have lower insurance risks. This is because they are used to having their families on board and stand to lose a lot in the event of a traffic violation. Drivers in this age group are highly valued by insurance firms as is evident by them having the lowest car insurance premiums. They also stand to benefit from the many discounts and offers available from the insurance industry. Being in this age group does not however automatically guarantee lower insurance rates and discounts. Other factors like one’s personal driving record are considered. Incidences of DUIs, traffic tickets and other driving infractions will automatically mean higher premiums for the individual.

Despite being penalized for being in a certain age group, insurance firms offer persons in high risk age groups other avenues to control their insurance premiums. Some highly recommended options are enrolling in driver education or defensive driving programs. These programs help in increasing a driver’s knowledge and safety on the highways. However, not all Texas Car Insurance companies will automatically give you a lower rate because of this. All the same one should request for a certification on completion of the course since you may choose to switch to an insurance company that recognizes the additional driving course. All these factors said and done a clean driving record tops them all. This is because it is recognizes nationwide as an indication of a low risk driver. Texas insurance companies have different policies for different age groups. These are provided in their insurance quotes that are available online free of charge. Enter your Zip code to see the various offers available for your age group.