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The Penalties For Violating Texas Auto Insurance Laws

There are consequences to be faced in case you decide to violate any laws that have been put in place and auto insurance laws are no exception. Every state has its own laws. Some may be alike while others may vary. Car insurance in TX is important in making sure that the citizens can afford compensation and cover their medical expenses or car repairs in case of an accident. That is why specific laws regarding have been put in place to protect the welfare of Texans. Violation of the regulations in place may result in one or more of the following consequences:

AutoInsuranceInTexas•             You may end up with a suspended registration for your vehicle.

•             You may have your driver’s license suspended.

•             You may have your driver’s license revoked.

•             If you are driving without insurance and you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, you will receive a ticket for violation of insurance regulations in addition to a ticket for the original violation you were pulled over for. Depending on where you received the ticket and the officer, you might have the ticket dismissed if you produce proof of financial responsibility within a specified period following the citation. This will mostly apply if you actually have coverage but do not have the auto insurance card on you at the moment.

•             Exorbitant fines and fulfilling other requirements for reinstatement go hand in hand. You also have to pay for license and registration reinstatement including traffic ticket fines. Reinstatement fees are in the range of a hundred and seventy five dollars to three hundred and fifty dollars. You may opt to appeal the suspension within a period of twenty days.

•             You will have to meet the requirements of an SR-22

•             If you face a second suspension for driving without TX auto insurance, then your vehicle might be impounded for a period not less than 180 days and you will end up paying 15 dollars everyday your car remains there.

Such actions are reached upon only if you fail to adhere to the laid out regulations. Car insurance in TX is quite beneficial and easy to maintain if you follow the law. There are many options of getting Texas cheap car insurance so you do not have any excuse to drive without any insurance. You can apply for low income car insurance in TX if you qualify and if you don’t, other state subsidized programs may work for you.

It is not a good idea to drive without insurance and thereby breaking the law because in addition to facing the penalties and fines, the costs that you will incur in case an accident occurs are far too expensive for someone without insurance. Find a suitable Texas cheap car insurance to protect yourself and other fellow Texans too. To find good and affordable car insurance in TX, make a point of typing in your zip in the space at the top of the page and you could save on average up to $475. Enter, compare and save.