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What Are The Auto Insurance Requirements In Texas?

All Texan drivers should have proof of financial responsibility in the event they cause a car accident. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, figures show that 20 percent of all drivers on Texan roads at any one time do not have auto insurance. This is an alarming statistic that led to the Texas car insurance lawmakers to make it compulsory to carry minimum liability insurance in an effort to reduce the percentage. In an effort to show financial responsibility, the popular option is to buy a vehicle liability insurance policy but this is just but one way to go. There are a number of ways to achieve this under the auto insurance law in Texas and still be able to show financial responsibility without necessarily going with the popular option. Some of the options are:

•             Filing a surety bond that contains the names of 2 people who own real property within the state.

•             Depositing $55,000 in cash or cashier’s check with the county judge.

•             Depositing $55,000 in securities or cash with the county comptroller.

•             Certifying with the Texas DMV that you are self insured i.e. if you own 25 or more vehicles.

•             Getting liability insurance from a Texas-licensed auto insurer.

Private passenger vehicles carry a minimum requirement for liability coverage at $30,000 per person for each accident, $60,000 in general per accident and $25,000 general property damage per accident. You should always carry your TX auto insurance card in the vehicle at all times for showing the law enforcement officers upon request. Also, it will come in handy and as a requirement for a driver’s license application and registration of your car not to mention in the event of a car accident.

Driving without auto insurance is unwise and will only get you in trouble because the law enforcement agencies will catch up with you especially with new technology such as TexasSure that allows Texas car insurance companies to directly and electronically submit auto insurance to the Texas DMV which in turn can be accessed by all the DMV departments in Texas. The penalties that follow violation of these laws are better off avoided. If you have no proof that you can pay for expenses for injuries or damages that you may cause by a car accident, your registration and driver’s license will be suspended. You may appeal the suspension within 20 days which can stop the suspension until the issue is resolved. If you get a second suspension for the same reason, your car may be impounded for a hundred and eighty days in addition to a fifteen dollar fee for each day the car remains in impoundment.

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