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Rules You Need To Follow When Getting Auto Insurance In Texas

The laws for driving and auto insurance differ amongst the different states of the country. Although each state makes it mandatory on its drivers and motorists to get minimum liability insurance coverage, drivers are encouraged to add more coverage to their insurance policy if they can easily afford it. Texas auto insurance requirements were changed in 2008. Whenever the limits are changed, motorists and drivers should change their deductive amount and coverage in a suitable manner, even if making the change costs them an extra amount of money. According to the law passed in 2008, the limits for bodily injury coverage were raised to $25,000 per person and complete accident coverage of minimum $50,000 is given per accident.

There were a variety of reasons as to why these limits were raised but you should only be wary of the fact that as a driver, you must now have this minimum liability coverage instead of the amount you were paying previously for coverage. If the local law enforcement officers pull you over and you are charged with having less coverage than the state mandated requirement, you will have to pay some heavy fines and you might also be kept from renewing your vehicle or insurance registration. A further $25,000 is required to cover for property damages which a person might incur in an accident.

This amount takes care of all the property damage that might have been caused by your actions. You should keep in mind that this amount covers a single accident or incident for example if your car hits a utility pole or a road sign or if you hit another person’s vehicle, all this will be covered under the property damage clause of your insurance policy in TX. You can also choose to have higher limits installed on your insurance coverage but this will drive the overall rates of auto insurance in Texas through the roof. Nevertheless, if you can afford it, you should get higher limits. The cost of higher limits depends mostly on your vehicle, driving record, insurance company and residential area.

Like many other states in the United States of America, Texas also follows a tort system of justice. This essentially means that the state justice department or courts hold a single person at fault for an accident or road incident. This means that the insurance company of the at-fault party covers for all the vehicle damages, bodily injuries and property damage resulting from the incident. The Tort system has been modified and adapted by each state in its own way but these are the guidelines for the Tort system in Texas.

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