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What Texas Laws Tells You About DWI And DUI

Texas has lots of laws through which the traffic is governed in the state. If you are a driver and you are travelling in the city then your blood alcohol concentration should be less than 0.08 percent and if it is above then that then you are not allowed to drive through the state. You can find this set standard throughout US. Other than this, Texas has set some extra limits for the commercial drivers as well as the people of age less than 21 years. You can also not drive through the state if you are under the influence of any other prohibited substance like cocaine, marijuana and inhalants. So, if you are not following these rules and regulations then you should be ready to face the consequences under DWI and DUI Laws in Texas.

AutoInsuranceInTexasIn Texas, the drivers can be convicted under DUI or DWI. There are the stages set by the authorities according to which they punish the drivers. In the first stage, the punishment will be less than those who are convicted for more than one time. The punishment may also vary on the basis of blood alcohol concentration. One thing that matters a lot is that whether the driver is less than the age of 15 or not. As a punishment, you can also face a jail sentence for 72 hours which may be extended to 180 days in severe cases.  And if you are driving with a child in your car then you may go to jail for 2 years. Other than this, you also have your license suspended for 3 months to 1 year and can do the community service for anything between 24 hours to 100 hours. You also have to pay the monetary fine of up to $2000.

According to the DWI and DUI Laws in Texas, if you commit the same crime and convicted under that charge then you have to face more strict punishments and monetary penalties. You have to pay even the monetary payments of up to $4000. This time, your community service will also increase. After you are convicted for 2 times under DWI and DUI Laws in Texas, you can go to the jail for more than 10 years and also have to pay a fine up to $10,000. Your community service will also be increased for up to 1600 hours and the judge has also the authority to ask you to go to the alcohol rehabilitation center.

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