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What is Texas DMV?

Texas DMV is a department to facilitate the public with their vehicles registration and insurance instructions. It is necessary for the drivers to have their cars registered and registration is done when your car is insured. Like this, there are lots of questions which trigger everyone. Here is a way to get the answers of the questions.

What if have got a speeding ticket? Will my insurance be cancelled?

It happens mostly in Texas that you got tickets for breaking rules and over speeding. Tickets are actually the fine issued to you in case of any rule violation. This ticket is fixed on your driving record. This proof stays on your profile that how many times you have broken the rule and how many tickets have been issued to you so far. Every record is shared with the insurance companies. These records give a brief history of your driving style to the insurance companies so that they can view it. In this way, they will decide to issue you the insurance policy or not. They want to see that how many wrecks you have caused, how many accidents and what is the frequency of your rules violation? All this information is needed by the insurance company to issue you policy. None of the companies in the markets issue insurance policies to rash drivers and rules violators. Auto Insurance companies keep on reviewing the database of traffic police to know about rules violations and the names of persons violating rules. The car number with the name of driver is recorded in the database of the law enforcement officers who have violated rules. In this way, it is easier for insurers to get the details and decide about whom to issue insurance policy or whom to not?

Suppose you have purchased any policy and got a ticket issued within 60 days, then insurer has the legal right to cancel your contract. If you are saved from any violations like traffic rules violations or over speeding within 60 days of initial purchase of insurance, then you are protected from the threat of insurance cancellation. After 60 days, your insurance can only be cancelled on one condition. The condition is when you have not paid the premium on time.if you are failed to pay the premium by the desired time, company will give you warning. If you have paid the dues in the warning time then you are saved. After that, your insurance can be cancelled without any prior notification.

All the companies have their own rules and regulations. Many companies do not cancel the insurance on any violation and some even take a step to cancel it at one violation. Suppose, you have been issued one ticket, then insurance company can cancel your Auto insurance. It is not about cancellation only, but company can refuse to renew your contract. Most companies do not renew your insurance policy if you have been issued a single ticket. Receiving more than one ticket can increase your chances of being kicked out of the list of insurance company policy plan. They can even increase the rates of existing policy or renewed policy (1).

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