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What are the things that demystifies Texas car insurance?

People really get confused about Texas car insurance policies. For a normal person, it is difficult to understand jargons of any field. Every sphere of life has its own technical language which is not understandable by the common person. Same is the case in insurance of automobiles field. It has its own technical language which a lay man does not understand. There is a need to facilitate them by explaining in their language. DUI and DWI are two terms related to driving policies and laws. Both are two different laws but their category is same. That is why it is misunderstood mostly. Let us explore the difference in both.

AutoInsuranceInTexasDifference in DUI and DWI:

DWI stands for driving while intoxicated and DUI means driving under influence. Although, the meaning is clear by these words. But still, some explanation is needed. Intoxication is actually the alcohol, drug or any other thing that does not let you to remain in your senses. When you are drunk, then your senses stop working. If you are have drunk and then driving, your control over the steering is lost. In this case, mostly accidents took place. DWI and DUI are the laws that prohibit you to drive in case of being drunk. There is a difference of age that counts in both laws. According to DWI, if you are above 21 and found drunk in driving then you will be punished. The tolerated level of alcohol is 0.8 in the blood. If the level of alcohol found is above 0.8 then it is a crime in Texas. What does DUI say? In this law, people below 18 are strictly prohibited to drink and if they are found drunk and driving then double charged will be liable. Drinking is not allowed in Texas below 18. Drunk and driving is also banned. So, double penalty is given to the driver. In these cases, it is totally on the police officer’s will that he leaves you or put you in the lock up.

The other difference between DUI and DWI is the intensity of punishment. In both cases, your license is sealed and you are banned to drive. The suspension period in DUI is 60 days and 90 days in DWI for the first time offense. It can be increased on the second and third offense and then so on. It is recommended to be very careful when you drive in Texas. Rules violations can seriously lead you to jail or court. Fine is also imposed on you. On the spot fine is $500 if you are caught drunk. Without driving, if you are drunk then $500 has to be paid. You can imagine how much you will have to pay if you are found drunk and driving.  The intensity of punishment increases with the number of times you break any rule. When on road and especially when driving then one has to be very particular about law and order.

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