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What Are The Punishments Of Breaking The DWI and DUI Laws IN Texas?

Today, once we get up in early morning, our hand is occupied with a cup of tea. When we open the news paper or turn on any of the news channel, we can see and hear about cases of car accidents. 90% of car accident is due to the drinking habit of the driver while driving. This is the most know case in Texas. Approximately 2,000 people die every year due to the bad habit of drinking and driving.

After finding out the various reasons for the major road accidents, the government of Texas has come out with solution in the form of DWI and DUI laws in Texas. DWI means Driving While Intoxicated. It is one of the laws which are passed in against the citizens of Texas who have habit of drinking and driving. In comparison of other laws of driving drink and drive is the biggest crime which a citizen can do. Under the law of DWI, it is specified that citizen are not allowed to have their BAC not more than 0.8%. If any of them are found to have higher BAC level, they will be caught and punished.

The charges are also divided into three categories depending upon their number or the time of offence. Texas drivers who are charged for the first offense will be charged with the penalties such as license suspension or jail. Those drivers who are caught for their second and third offense will be jailed for fewer days they will charge higher penalties which is about $2000 and license suspension for about 90 to 365 days.

Now, let us see what exactly Texas DWI and DUI mean. What exactly is the difference between the both of them? DWI means “Driving while intoxicated” and DUI stands for “Driving under Influence of alcohol”. However, there is some slight difference between the two. Today, we come across along any of the committed crime. You must learn that most of the crime which is about 75% is committed by the young generation that is under the age of 21.

So, the traffic community of Texas states the slight difference law naming DUI (Driving under influence of Alcohol) In Texas, there are 0% tolerance against the offense committed by the individual under 21. The difference between the two laws is not only according to their age, DWI will look after the individual who are of above 21 and DUI will look after the individual which are under the age of 21. The difference is also found with regards to the penalties which are being charged against the crime and the difference in the number of the days of prison as well. In both the cases, there is a suspension of license.