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What Are The DWI And DUI Laws Implemented In The State Of Texas?

Finding the right lawyer for your case would be difficult for you as the laws are ever changing in this as the government is taking strict actions against it. Now, it is agreed that in all states drinking limit is set to 21. Judges are also taking strong and bold steps to discourage this act by ruling the strict punishment in such cases. A lot of life has been wasted in the last few years and since last two decades, the US government is serious is reducing such acts by taking bold steps. Severe punishment has been given to the offenders. The law system in the United States of America blames the drunk driver for all the damages and penalties for any kind of loss cause by reckless driving and accidents. In this case, liability of the driver is unlimited.

If you are convicted under the DWI and DUI Laws in Texas then you have to undergo a strict legal process. In the United States, there are a standard set of rules and regulations that every citizen has to follow. But in Texas, they have some added rules. So, you have to be more careful while driving through Texas.

This is also one of the reasons that why you feel that it is difficult to get the auto insurance in Texas. There is a set limit to the use of alcohol and if it is found more than that, then you are not allowed by the authorities to drive on the road. The punishment will increase if you drive with a child present in your car. Under the law, there are 3 basic steps in which you can be convicted.

If you have done this crime for the first time then you may get away with smaller punishments and monetary penalties. But in case you have committed that crime for the second time then you have to face the most severe penalties. You have to go to jail for more periods and have also to pay the highest amount of the fine. The judge will also ask you to do the community service for some days. And after that, if you are found involved in this crime then you have go to jail for 10 years and also have to pay a penalty of $10,000.

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