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Truth About Auto Insurance Endorsements In Texas

What is an Auto Insurance Endorsement?

It is essentially an additional form of coverage that you may deem fit to attach to your existing policy. Auto insurance in Texas dictates that your auto insurance company or provider creates facilitation for such endorsement. The state requires that you have minimum liability insurance coverage in the range of $25,000 for property damage per accident, $30,000 for physical injury to one person per accident and $60, 000 per accident for two or more bodily injuries. These only cover the other motorist in case of an accident but what about you? You have to get additional coverage for your needs if and when an accident occurs. While it may benefit the other party, you have options to have your medical, towing, storage, hospital facilitation, car repair and many more expenses taken care of by your TX car insurance.

Why get insurance coverage endorsements?

The reasons for getting endorsements on your vehicle may widely vary. You have to consider your individual situation before you make this decision. Here are a few examples that may shed light on the direction your decision can or should go.

•             If you are a proud parent of a teenager and he or she has obtained a driver’s license and you may want them included in your current TX car insurance policy.

•             If you recently bought a new car and want to know if you have enough security that your Texas car insurance will replace the vehicle in case it is “totaled” within the first year of your ownership.

•             If you have gotten a new job requiring that you increase your mileage to and fro, to fulfill your job requirements.

•             If you have pets that you may need to travel with at any time due to emergencies or any other reasons.

As pointed out before, reasons for buying Texas auto insurance endorsements vary and so are the types of options available. Some of the endorsements include very practical and convenient assistances that are worth your while. Texas car insurance providers offer policies with crucial assistance if in the event of a car accident, you require roadside assistance on a twenty four hour call or repairs in case of an accident. Towing coverage will get your automobile off the road to a designated area, while new car replacement coverage will ensure your car is replaced within an agreed period of time if it is written off in an accident. Also you may get pet injury protection for expenses in treating injured pets in case of an accident.

Are Texas auto insurance endorsements the way to go?

Making additional endorsements on your policy will always increase your premiums. It is a wise move that creates more coverage and better protects you and other Texans. You can better understand your position by checking in with your TX auto insurance provider if you already have insurance or by entering your zip in the slot availed above the page. Make comparisons and distinctions that lead you to cheap auto insurance in Texas.