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Tips For First Time Buyers Of Auto Insurance In Texas

If it’s your first time to buy auto insurance, you need to know all about the auto insurance coverage’s as well as the 8 types of auto insurance coverage that provides Consumer Bill of Rights for auto insurance for Texas.  Consumer Bill of Rights for auto insurance of Texas is the document that must be provided with to you by your insurance agency when you buy the policy. The aim of the Bill is to provide the driver with the information about the driver’s rights and auto insurance under Texas law.  For example, some polices of Texas will not provide you with any auto car coverage if you are not named driver of the car and if you use your car on business purpose or in racing event. Also, you will be without any auto insurance coverage if you lost your car during the time of some international act.

Texas Department of Insurance approved 8 types of auto insurance coverage. Often, insurance companies use another policy and not control their policy with the help of Texas Personal Automobile Policy. There are 8 coverage that approved by Texas Department of Insurance. This includes liability coverage, collision coverage, medical payments coverage, personal injury protection coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, towing and labor coverage and rental reimbursement coverage.

Liability Coverage meets the state’s responsibility about all the financial report. It pays for such expenses like car rental when other motor car vehicle is being repaired. Also, coverage pays for car repair and punitive damages by a court. It is also pays your attorney fees. This Texas auto insurance covers all the family members and other people driving your car.

Collision coverage is what you need in case you borrow money for your car. It covers the cost for repair the car after accident. Medical payment coverage will refund your medical and funeral bills. Personal injury protection coverage is the same kind as medical payment coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage covers all the payment which was caused with uninsured motorist and also pays for your own property which was crashed during the accident. It covers your expenses and all your family members as well. Towing and Labor coverage pays for labor charges and towing charges. Rental Reimbursement Coverage pays for rental car if it was stolen. It pays money only for some event (fire, rain) that caused the accident.

Also, you can take other coverage under the list. For example, rental cars agencies can offer collision damage waivers. The collision damage waiver is an agreement that aim not to make rental car agency allow you to pay for damaging of rental car with your own pocket. If you don’t hire car rental often, you can take a non-owner liability policy in Texas. In case of non-owner liability policy, your rental car agency pays only for injuries you caused to the rental car and not for your own injuries.

The procedure to get an insurance plan is so simple.

  • Register the document to your vehicle or renew the registration.
  • Get or update your driver´s permit.
  • Have your car inspected throughout a yearly required state security investigation.