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Things You Should Know When Faced With Texas DMV Violation

The penalties given to offenders are very extreme in case of DWI and DUI. Texas DMV has strictly imposed rules against drunk drivers to maintain public safety. The punishment depends upon the intensity of violation of laws. If you have caught for the first time under DWI/DUI, then you are suspended to drive for 60 days and put to jail for 73 hours. This punishment is given for the first time only. If have done it again then your punishment level can be increased. If you are caught for the second time in the same offense, then your license is suspended for 90 days and you are put to jail for 3 days. It can be extended to 6 days depending upon your driving record. If again you are caught for the third time then the game is over. For the third time offense, you are behind the bars for 2 to 10 years. Your auto registration and license is cancelled. Texas is very particular about its laws and has taken very pain to impose them in the state.


DUI/DWI convictions:

It is not about the fines that drivers have to pay in Texas on rules violations. It is about the prestige and privilege that the drivers lost in these cases. If you are found drunk in the car and the police officer has caught you then you are insulted in front of everyone. Lives of people are in danger because of you and this thing is not tolerable in Texas. Why everyone pays for your fault?  That is why; these strict rules are implemented here. To save life of everyone and your too, it is important to follow rules. In case you violate the rules then life is tougher for you. Your license is sealed, you are put into jail and your life is struck.

Not only this, once you have broken the rules and paid the fines, even then your life is miserable. According to Texas laws, you have to pay the penalty for next three years. Annually charges are imposed on you for three years. For the first time offense, it is $1000, for second time it is $1500 and $2000 for the rest of times. These charges are to be paid annually for 3 years. The rules violation is not free in Texas.  It is a perception of mostly people that they will break and nobody is here to look at them. But the case is different here. Once you have broken the rule, you are in strict observation of police officers and your pocket too.

For the prevention of financial risk, it is important to have car insurance in Texas. It gives you financial security against such charges. It does not protect you from fines imposed on rules violation. But it gives you the damages that occur due to your negligence. So, at least you should be saved from one side. If no insurance and you are caught in rules violation case then just think of spending your whole without money.

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