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The Importance Of Getting Texas Car Insurance For Drivers

In the year 2005, a bill was passed by the Texas state authorities to crack down on the motorists that were not following the laws of auto insurance in Texas. According to the state law, all motorists and the drivers in the Texas are required to carry minimum auto liability requirements. Some drivers still do not obey the law and operate their vehicles without auto insurance. The government has placed strict penalties for these law offenders and if you get pulled over by a police official and are found to be driving without the proper insurance coverage, you could be in for a really tough time.

TexasCarInsuranceNot only does the state place heavy fines on such deviants, it also might cancel their registration and suspend their driving license. If they repeat the offense, the amount of fine and the duration of the license suspension are increased. It is a very big risk to be driving around on the public roads without proper auto insurance coverage in TX. This is because in case of an accident, the driver will not be able to pay for the damages from his own pocket. As of June 2008, around 4 million motorists and the drivers in state of the Texas were found to be operating without the state mandated auto liability requirements.

Some drivers and motorists treat the state mandated auto liability requirements as an option rather as a requirement. The Uninsured Motorist Ordinance which was passed in 2009 states that any driver who is unable to show proof of his auto insurance coverage is liable to have his vehicle towed on the spot.

Texas state laws have made auto liability insurance as a compulsion for its drivers and motorists so that they have sufficient coverage to pay for the damages incurred due to a road incident. It becomes almost impossible for a single person to pay for all the damages of an accident from his own pocket. And as Texas follows the tort system of justice, it places blame on single individual for causing the accident holding him responsible for taking care of financial repercussions. If the person is insured and has a sufficient coverage plan, his insurance company will pay out. If the driver is uninsured, he is on his own. Auto liability car insurance in Texas covers for the damages for medical bills and property damages. As the policy holder, you will not be entitled to be covered for the personal losses that you have suffered as result of the accident.

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