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Texas Auto Insurance: The Commonly Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that may come to mind when considering auto insurance in Texas, whether you want to buy new insurance or when you want to change your policy. Here are some of the questions frequently asked along with some answers and solutions to assist you in making informed decisions to attaining auto insurance convenient and affordable to you.

AutoInsuranceInTexas1.            Do I really need to have auto insurance?

The answer to this is a resounding “yes”. The law does not barge on this issue. Texas auto insurance law expressly says that all motorists and car owners must have some financial responsibility while driving on the Texan roads in case an accident was to occur in which you are the at-fault party. In Texas, the minimum liability one is required to carry by law is $30,000 for physical injury to a person in every accident, $60,000 for injuries to multiple persons for every accident and $25,000 for damage you may cause to other people’s property. This is minimum liability that covers the other party and not you in case an accident occurs. You are therefore advised and not required by law to buy additional Texas auto insurance to benefit you in such an event.

2.            So, who then will pay for repairs to my vehicle in the event of an accident?

According to Texas law on insurance, the party who is at fault is required to cover such costs. In the case where the other driver caused the accident then he or she must pay for the repair cost and bodily injury costs if any. They can do this via their auto insurance company and if they don’t have insurance, they will have to find a way to do pay you somehow. If you are the one at fault, then your insurance company will pay for all expenses related to the accident affecting the other party. If you do not have additional coverage, then you will have to personally pay for expenses you have incurred as a result of the car accident. You might want to get comprehensive or collision coverage to aid in such expenses when an accident happens.

3.            What other Texas auto insurance coverage should I consider buying in addition to the basic policy I have?

For starters, buy collision or comprehensive auto insurance coverage mentioned above. Also, you may include Personal Injury Protection or PIP to your existing car insurance policy. This will basically benefit you and any other passenger in the vehicle at the time of an accident. The coverage will pay for your medical expenses as well as other expenses that may arise forthwith. If you have retained bodily injuries that put you out of work while recovering, then this coverage will pay your wages for that period.

The questions and brief answers given are just an overview of taunting question every Texas auto insurance seeker has at the back of their minds. Get this kind of useful information from our sources for free by just inserting your zip in the provided space above and educate yourself.