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Texas Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Auto insurance in Texas has several aspects to focus on. It is not easy to buy insurance and then to maintain it in Texas. You have to be careful about your driving; otherwise companies can cancel your insurance at any time. It is very necessary to abide by the laws. Buying auto insurance may be easy but sustaining it is very difficult. Your insurance can be cancelled on single violation. It is on the company’s wish to retain or cancel it.

What will the insurance company do on DUI/DWI violation?

AutoInsuranceInTexasDUI/DWI is the law that restricts us to drive when we are not in our senses.  DWI means driving while intoxicated. If you are drunk or have taken any drug that does not let you stay in your senses, then you are not allowed to drive in Texas. If you are found intoxicated during driving, then a fine can be imposed. This violation will be recorded on your driving profile. If you have been continuously violating the same rule or others, then your insurance policy can be cancelled. It is not necessary that companies are restricted to carry along with you throughout the life. They own the legal rights to cancel it and these terms and conditions are written in the contract when you purchased the policy.

Not only cancellation is the threat to policy on violation, but it is might possible that they refuse to renew the policy for the next year. Your premium rates can be increased too. Companies can charge you higher rates than others if your driving history is full of violations. If you have caused accidents, damaged the property, caused damage to human life or got tickets due to over speeding, then your insurance agent will not trust you. He will either offer you high rates or cancel the auto insurance.

To remove the allegations of rules violations, it is asked by the law enforcement jurisdiction that you have to go through tough 6 hours defensive driving course from certified school. If this course is passed with full condition, then you can remove the violations from your records forever. You are only allowed to take this course once a year. This course is paid and has the limit of 25 miles per hour. Either, it can completely waive off your fine or reduce the amount of money you have to pay. In both cases, recommendations from driving school are important. If they have approved you as a safe driver then you is eligible to get waive off, otherwise these tickets are stick to your driving record forever. The main disadvantage of these tickets is that any insurance company can easily come to know that you have been fined before. These records are visible to insurance agent all the time and they have the complete authority to cancel the insurance policy or refuse to renew the policy. In both cases, only the driver suffers. To avail the services of Auto insurance in Texas for a long time, you have to be careful.

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