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Stay Updated With The Texas Car Insurance Laws

When looking around for Texas car insurance, you should keep in mind that although the state regulations for minimum auto insurance were changed in April 2008, a lot of internet pages and websites still carry the old minimum liability requirements.

According to the old laws and regulations, a cover of $20,000 was provided for personal bodily injury protection per person, $40,000 coverage for all the injuries that take place in an accident and $15,000 coverage for property damage per accident. This was known as the 20/40/15 formula. According to the new policies introduced in April 2008, the limit was increased to 25/50/25.

It is important that when you are looking for the state mandated minimum Texas auto insurance liability requirements, you should always keep in mind to look for these new policies. Else, you’ll end up purchasing an insurance policy that is not sufficient to meet your requirements and needs.

Different states of the country follow different auto insurance laws. If you have just moved from one state to another, you will quickly find out that the premium amount in one state is different from the other. For example, if you live in New York and a friend of yours lives in Georgia, you will find out that those rates of insurance in both these regions are quite different. According to the reports and statistics available from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the highest insurance rates in the country are in places like DC and Louisiana. The least expensive rates of insurance were found in Kansas and North Carolina.

When you are looking around shopping for auto insurance in Texas, you will find out that the state requirements are mentioned in the quotes. When you purchase auto insurance from any provider in Texas, always check and make sure that the minimum requirements have been included in your insurance quote. Some insurance companies also give their clients the option of dropping these requirements. Although the Internet does it best to keep up with events and happenings all over the world, still some pages on the web can become dormant after a while if there is not anyone to update the pages regularly. When you are looking around for anything on the internet, always double check and make sure that you are getting the latest and up to date information on a particular topic especially when it comes to auto insurance as the laws can keep changing and you might not even know about it. You would not want to be pulled over by a traffic official and find out that you have an insufficient coverage plan.

Using price quotes and their comparison has proven to be the most effective way of getting the most affordable rates for Texas car insurance. Enter your ZIP code on the top of our page to make use of our instant price quote comparison service.