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State Requirements for Auto Insurance in Texas

It is better to buy the state mandated minimum liability requirements for auto insurance instead of taking the risk and driving your vehicle without it. Police and law enforcement officials are always on the lookout for deviants and law offenders who do not purchase the state minimum requirements. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of things that can be done to choose the most affordable insurance policy for yourself.

Car insurance in Texas has some laws which require a person to have liability and property coverage. The requirement states that a driver must have 20,000$ coverage per person for bodily injuries and a total of 50,000$ coverage per accident. A driver should also have property damage coverage which should not be less than 20,000$. If a driver fulfills these minimum requirements as mandated by state law, he has full freedom of driving his vehicle. But it is not always a good idea to only purchase the minimum liability requirements. You might need more protection and you many not even know it. Before you get an insurance policy for yourself, you should take some time to evaluate whether you should get comprehensive and collision insurance as well. These kinds of insurance policies will protect you in the case your car is stolen or becomes a victim of fire or water damage.

You should consult an insurance broker or insurance agent if you are not sure what kind of coverage you should get. A good insurance company and an insurance agent will carefully explain to you all the other options and choices you have regarding auto insurance in Texas. You can choose to get additional insurance coverage on top of the state mandated legal requirements provided that you have the budget to pay for it.

A lot of drivers and motorists choose to go for more coverage and protection than the amount required by law. The main reason for this is that sometimes the state mandated requirements are just not enough to take care of all the financial damages that are incurred during and after an accident. Besides this, the coverage for bodily and property damage cover is also sometimes insufficient to meet the total financial loss. In April 2008, the minimum requirements were increased to 25/50/25 but still some people prefer to get collision, comprehensive, underinsured and uninsured insurance coverage included in their insurance policies. A combination of all these coverage plans gives the driver the most complete protection in the case of an accident.

Besides, if you have taken your vehicle from a leasing company, you will most probably have to get collision and comprehensive car insurance installed in addition to the state mandated requirements.

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