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State of Texas Driving Laws and Licenses for Teen Drivers – Phase II

When the state of Texas implemented this program for teen drivers, it did not change any of the base requirements in place for getting a drivers license – rather it split the requirements for those who are younger than 18 years of age into 2 phases.  This is PHASE II of this program. And it is important to remember that no matter what stage you are in, you need to be added to your parents Texas car insurance.

If a teen is 16 but no yet 18, the state issues teens a “Phase II provisional GDL” as long as the teen is able to prove that they finished a driver’s ed course. The teen’s Texas permit will have time restrictions and passenger limits for the first six months that the teen drives the vehicle.  The teen also needs to make certain that parents have added the teen to their Texas car insurance before you do anything in the car.

The teen needs to complete at least 7 hours of in-car instruction and at least 20 hours of behind-the-wheel practice (10 of which need to be at night) prior to applying for a license.  Heed the restrictions applying to your permit so that you are legally safely able to learn how to operate a vehicle.

AutoInsuranceInTexasTo apply for a license the teen needs to make sure the following have been done before going to the DPS office to apply for a license:

1. Turned 16 years of age

2. Held a instruction permit that was valid for at least 6 months

3. Completed 32 hours of instruction in the classroom, 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 20 hours of practice in-car with 10 of those being at night.

If the teen meets the above requirements, they then may graduate to Phase II of the licensing process (as well as skip the driving test);

Take the driving test:

If the teen is under 18 they must take the on-the-road part of the driving test.    Contact the local Texas DL office to set up the road test.

Begin Phase II of the Graduated Driver’s License Program:

As already stated above, if the teen is at least 16 years, has had an instruction permit for 6 months and has also completed the classroom and driving parts of driver’s education, the teen can begin Phase II.  A few restrictions apply to Phase II for this next one year time period once the teen enters this phase of the program:

1. The teen can not operate a vehicle with more than one passenger younger than 21 – unless they are family members;

2. The teen cannot operator a vehicle between 12:00 AM and 5 AM unless the teen is driving the vehicle to work or to a activity that is school-related, if the teen is responding to some emergency situation;

3. The teen cannot driver a vehicle while using a cell phone or other wireless communication device – UPDATE – this is now state law.

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