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Smart ways to get Auto insurance for low income earners in Texas.

The Texas Department of Insurance introduced a program for low income families in Texas who would want to own or drive a vehicle in the state. With the law clearly stating that all drivers and car owners must have auto financial responsibility, not all Texans can afford to have such kind of Texas car insurance. Overseen by the Texas Automobile Assigned Risk Plan or the TAARP, the TLCA or Texas Low Cost Automobile program is a perfect fit for low income earners in Texas. With the state’s minimum liability requirements still a bit high low income earners, the program comes as a life saver for most of those in this bracket. This is because the liability one carries in the program is slightly lower than that required by the state.

However you are required to have passed all the requirements laid out for eligibility into the program. You must show proof that you are indeed a low income earner by presenting your current and valid income statements. In addition to filling out application forms, you should bring along those pies with you. Also, you are required to give a full statement of your liabilities and personal assets to qualify for the program. All these go to show proof that you are financially qualified as a person deemed to be earning a low income.

Additional requirements include having a clean driving record, showing that you are a good driver. This record must be recent and reflect on your record for the past three years. You must have current and valid vehicle registration and a driver’s license. These requirements ensure that only people who honestly deserve the subsidized rates get it. If your driving record has been tainted in the past, then you can increase your chances by having recently taken and passed a safe driver’s program in the state.

There are also other options at your disposal if you are seeking low cost auto insurance in Texas. Many auto insurance companies offer cheap and affordable policies for prospective clients who present proof that they have low incomes. They may offer you a policy with lower rates than the average client or give you options with minimal coverage. Also, discounts are a major incentive they offer to low income families in Texas. Some of them are; good driving record discounts, multiple insurance discounts, students’ good grades discounts, organization affiliation discounts and many more. Added up, these discounts reduce our annual premiums total by hundreds of dollars. You may also consider bundle insuring whereby, you can save a substantial amount by purchasing  all your insurance from the same insurance company e.g. health insurance, and life insurance in addition to the low cost auto insurance in Texas.

You may have a low income but that is not an excuse to shy away from getting insurance. Texas cheap auto insurance is available from most providers, in addition to measures you can take to reduce its cost. To get more information on the options you have from the leading Texas car insurance companies enter your zip in the designated slot on this page and save your self up to $1,000 a year.