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Questions You Should Ask About Texas DMV

Car insurance is the most popular topic these days. It is necessary to have car insurance and abide by laws in order to save yourself. According to Texas DMV, both DUI and DWI are different terms with same meanings. The difference only lies in the abbreviations of both which is different. DUI stands for driving under influence and DWI means driving while intoxicated or impaired. In the United States of America, laws are very strict regarding DUI and DWI.

In both of these cases, the drivers’ blood is tested for alcohol when he is driving. If a drunk driver is found driving in Texas, his blood test is taken and level of intoxication is measured. If he is found intoxicated with alcohol or drug then DWI or DUI charge is applied on him.  Both are penalties that driver has to pay in case of drunk and driving. DWI is more strict law than DUI. If level of alcohol in the blood is less than 0.7 then he is charged to DUI. If the level of intoxication is more than 0.7 then he will be charged according to DWI laws. Both the laws are for the person if they are drunk and cause an accident. Normally, in Texas it happens that drivers are drunk and driving rashly on the roads. In this way, they cause an accident. If the accident is caused by a driver due to alcohol or intoxication reasons then he can be put to jail even. There are two major categories that fall in these DUI and DWI laws:


In this case of misdemeanor, the driver is charged less or he is punished lightly under laws breakage. In Texas, it is considered that if the level of intoxication of alcohol in the blood is 0.7 or less then it is the legal limit of drugs and alcohol. In this case, no penalty or DUI is charged in which driver has to pay less cost. Lesser punishment will be given to the driver under DUI law. This is a reduction in the punishment. In case of mishaps, if drivers are found drunk then Texas takes serious actions against them. Their driving license can be cancelled, they can be put to jail or heavy fines are imposed on them.


Felony is the extreme case or version of misdemeanor in which the driver is charged with heavy punishments and fines. In this case, if the driver’s level of alcohol intoxication or drug usage is found to be more 0.7 then he can be charged heavily, put behind the bars for months, probation, license can be suspended, heavy fines or home detention. He can be highly looked upon by the laws person. They keep a strict eye on the person to check whether he is involved in other criminal activities or not. Your complete life is then under the control of laws makers if you are found guilty of drug abuse. Sometimes, your case can be presented in court. In this way, it is not possible that you get freedom. Laws are then strictly applied on you. They can cancel your driving license and others heavy fines are imposed on you.

In Texas, a driver cannot survive if he/she does not have the car insurance as this is basic requirement of driving to save your financial position in case of mishaps. For the avoidance of laws violations, Government has made and imposed different laws. Drivers are not allowed to violate these laws. In case, you are found guilty of breaking laws then your car insurance company can increase your annual premium of insurance. Your driving history and no. of accidents are important to get cheap and affordable car insurance in Texas. If you are in the common practice of breaking laws, causing accidents while being drunk, drive when taken drugs and cause damage to property and persons then you are liable to receive high priced insurance of auto in the state.

Why the penalties are caused:

The reasons for these penalties are that drivers are sometimes so careless about the lives of others on the road. Human life has no alternative and if it is lost because of somebody’s fault then it is more hurting and shocking. Why heavy penalties are charged to drivers on breaking laws? The reasons are given below:

•             More than 50% of the fatalities are caused because of the drunk drivers. They drive while being drunk and become the cause of somebody’s death. That is why; heavy fines are imposed on them to avoid driving while being intoxicated.

•             When the drivers are intoxicated then they are more likely to cause accidents than others. When the persons are in their senses, they do not become the cause of accidents. If it happens, the chances are rare.  In other words, the rate of alcohol level in the blood is directly proportional to the numbers of accidents. If alcohol level will be increased, the number of accidents will also increase. It is a proven fact not a stated one.

•             The young generation is victim to these deadly habits of drinking, smoking and drug taking. They drink and drive and then it is difficult for them to maintain control and hit the cars. The number of accidents increases and car insurance premium is also increased with it.

Punishments for breaking laws:

The following penalties are made to the laws breakers like:

•             The driving license is seized for 3 months. You are not allowed to drive in the state. If you will be found driving without license, you will be behind the bars for a year.

•             Reissuance of license will cause heavy fees to pay. Normally, no license is issued when punished. You are banned to drive till punishment period is over.

Law and order is maintained in Texas for public safety and if you will be abide by the laws of Texas DMV then your life will be easy. For information of quotes, enter your ZIP code in the top box of the website and get free aid.