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Norms Stated Under The Laws Of DWI And DUI Passed In Texas

As we all know, in every country, every state and city’s government has fixed certain law rules and regulations for those citizens. The people have the right to take decisions, right to vote and right to think. But let us be specific, it is just only and only for own self. We don’t have any legal right to take decision of other’s life and to protect one individual from another. The government has framed certain rules and regulations within which an individual has to live in and within that boundary limit one can perform according to his/her wish.

From all the rules and regulation set or framed by the leading body, one of the most important rules is relating to traffic rule in Texas. We are familiar with the some of the traffic rules set by the high authority such as:

1) You need to wear helmet while driving.

2) Driver needs to be above 18 years

3) You need to be in certain speed limit

4) You are supposed to carry your driving license along with you while driving

5) You need to wear seat belt while driving a car

This all are the common norms which all citizens are familiar with. This is a rule which is same in every country. But apart from this, there are many rules and regulations and more norms which are adopted differently by various countries.

Texas car driving rules and regulation also say different stories apart from the familiar norms. The traffic community has come out with the common problem in Texas that is; Citizens of Texas have a common problem of having the habit of drinking and driving. As this is the common problem and one of the big reasons behind it is that Texas is all known for party, clubbing and enjoying. Due to it, stopping the people from drinking would be very difficult. But seeing this happen, they can’t fold their hands and see the show.

At last, they came out with DWI and DUI laws.  This is a special law which was framed against the drink and drive individuals. DWI is “Driving while intoxicated” or DUI “Driving under influence” of alcohol. In this law, the government of Texas has mentioned some of the limited BAC (Blood alcohol Content).

That is as follows:                                                               BAC rate

Driver under the age of 21                                                           0.2

Driver above 21                                                                               0.8

Commercial Driver                                                                           0.4

Some of the penalties, fines, suspension against the license are done if you are found doing any offense. Some of the punishment which is being given is as follows.

Punishments are divided into 3 categories depending upon the number of time you are doing DUI and DWI in Texas. Punishments are being classified according to it.

Fist Offence:

If you are find to do this offence for an initial time. Punishment is less as it is only the first time.

Jail of about 3 to 180 days, Charge of about $2000 and the license is suspended for about 90 to 365 days approximately

Second Offence:

If it’s you second time, punishment is harder.

Imprisonment for 30 to 1 year, fine of $4000 and suspension of license from 180 to 2 years

Third offence:

If you are committing it for the third time, the punishments will include:

Jail of about 2 years, fine of about $10,000 and suspension of License of about 180 to 2 years