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New Residency Requirements for Applying for Original Texas Driver License or Texas ID

New laws were put into place on April 2, 2012, that mandate that any person applying for a new and original Texas non-commercial drivers license as well as ID card.  “Residence” is considered the place where a person normally lives, lives most of the time or returns to after a temporary absence.  “Domicile” is considered your fixed, true and permanent home.  If either your domicile or residence is located in Texas – this prerequisite for a drivers license or state ID must be met.  And you have to have an original license to get Texas cheap car insurance.

In order to prove residency in Texas a person must show 2 documents that are acceptable that have an individual’s name and residential address on it.  One of the documents also needs to prove that the individual has lived in Texas for at the minimum 30 days, unless the individual is surrendering a valid, unexpired drivers license from another state at the time of applying for the Texas license, then the 30 day requirement is waived.  Also remember that you only have 30 days to get Texas cheap car insurance as a new resident before it becomes a violation of law.

If for any reason the individual is not able to show any 2 suitable documents – the individual might be qualified to sign a “Texas Residency Affidavit”.

The documents listed below will prove residency for a non-commercial drivers license or Texas state ID card – they include:

* Deed, mortgage, mortgage statement, payment booklet or rental or lease agreement;

* Texas motor vehicle registration or title;

* Unexpired valid Texas voter registration card;

* Texas boat title or registration;

* Texas handgun conceal permit;

* Any utility statement date within 90 days;

* Medical or health card;

* Selective service card;

* Current renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy;

* Current automobile insurance policy or statement from Texas cheap car insurance;

* W-2 or 1099 tax form from current tax year;

* Texas college or university report card or transcript for current year;

* Mail from financial institutions – checking, savings, credit card statements;

* Current auto payment coupons;

* Pre-printed payment stub or paycheck;

* Current US military documents;

* Documents from Texas Dept of Criminal Justice that indicate recent parole or release;

* Current Form number DS2019, I-20 or any document issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration.

It must be noted that 2 documents need to be issued by different agencies or companies.

The new law on residency requirement is waived for individuals who are authorized to use some alternative address under any of the following circumstances:

* Those subject to confidentiality of address by program administered by the Attorney General’s office;

* Those currently in jail in a facility managed by the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice;

* Individuals who are judges or judges spouse;

Law enforcement officers that use addresses that are alternative still must prove residency in Texas even when their drivers licenses might show addresses that are alternative. They need to show that their mailing addresses meet the residency requirements of Texas residency.

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