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Myths And Facts That Affects DUIs And Auto Insurance In Texas

Unfounded myths are common when it comes to many subjects nowadays. For instance, some people believe that putting a silver coin in your mouth to scramble a breathalyzer if intoxicated and this is completely untrue. The same goes for DUI and DWI laws when it comes to auto insurance in Texas. If a myth does not have a scientific proven backing, it just remains as it is – a myth. We shall delve into a few myths here so as you can know where you stand.

The first is; ‘Abstinence from alcohol exempts one from a Texas DUI or DWI arrest’. The first thing to mention is that intoxication does not only refer to alcohol only. One can be intoxicated by any drug in the market. Sometimes, it could even be an overdose or a bad reaction to a prescription drug. A scientifically tested and proven fact in this particular case is that one can have alcohol in their system without ingesting any in the first place. Naturally, the human body produces alcohol by itself all the time. This process is referred to as Endogenous Ethanol Production. In some instances, the body can produce high levels of this ethanol even beyond the permitted BAC legal level. This will obviously result in one being mistakenly charged with drunken driving if stopped by a police officer.

The second is; ‘Alcohol tainted breath is a clear sign of someone’s alcohol intoxication’. Alcohol tainted breath is a result of an odor emitted by an ingredient common in liquor. Research has proven that the strength of the odor from one’s breath has no indication on the person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration. This was proven by the fact that person drinking hard liquor and another drinking non-alcoholic beer have the same odor in their breath.

The third is; ‘A breath test from a breathalyzer has accurate results’. This is not true at all. This is because all types of breathalyzers have an acceptable margin of error. There is a lot of information on the accuracy of breathalyzer tests of all kinds available in the internet.  Facts show that breathalyzer tests have a margin of error of up to 30 percent.  An addition to this fact is that someone can request a grand jury in their trial regarding evidence based solely on the breathalyzer test. This is shown in the sixth amendment that there is no restriction to one demanding the right for ones case to be heard before a jury in a criminal case. An extension to this myth is that the breath testing cannot be doctored by the arresting officer. This part of the myth is actually quite contrary. The judgment by each officer carrying out the breath test is up to him or her.

Final Myth: The BAC reading of a breath-testing won’t be influenced by law enforcement officer himself while doing the testing. Well the truth is, yes it will be influenced by the different judgments of each individual officer.

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