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Law Abiding Tips On How To Avail Car Insurance Coverage In Texas

Once you plan on driving in Texas, car insurance is not only useful but also mandatory under the Texas car insurance laws. In a highly populated state like Texas, there is a high likelihood of getting involved in a car accident or car theft. No matter how careful a driver you may be, having taken all possible safety measures to protect your vehicle from theft, you cannot protect yourself fully from reckless drivers on the road or even hi tech car thieves. However, the state of Texas protects you from all these but you have to have auto insurance coverage that will cushion you from the expenses.

Texas has a high rate of teenage drivers’ accidents and the Texas department of Insurance estimates that 20% of all motorists driving on the roads in Texas are not insured. Keeping in mind the high chances of car accidents in the state, the government has enacted and enforced rules, regulations and laws to curb this menace. You may find yourself in great trouble if you cause an accident and you are not insured. You may have to part with a considerable amount of money as per the state laws for damages caused, bodily injuries inflicted, economical and non-economical injuries and many more, in addition to fines and penalties.

The Texas Department of Insurance and the state have clearly defined laws on DUI/DWI, teen drivers, uninsured motorists and many others but the cardinal rule is that all Texan motorists must have financial responsibility and must have proof of it. As per the laws enforced by the state of Texas car insurance laws, the responsible party is liable to pay for the amount of damage or injury he or she has caused. In most of the cases, the amount to be paid is higher than the 30/60/25 coverage i.e. $30,000 for bodily harm to one person, $60,000 for each accident and $25,000 for damage to property.

The 30/60/25 coverage is the minimum amount of liability that every car driver within the borders of Texas has to pay in case of a car accident. The 30/60/25 applies to each and every person causes an accident resulting in bodily injury or property damage. As per the insurance rules, you are required to pay a certain amount per month or even yearly to keep your policy active in case of accidents. Texas car insurance companies are bound by law to report to the Texas DMV, any cases of cancelled or lapsed auto insurance policies by any of their clients.

You should avoid unnecessary penalties and fines for violating insurance laws by getting auto insurance and honoring premium payments as agreed on the policy. Some of fines are quite hefty e.g. if you get a citation for driving without insurance for the 2nd time, your car may be impounded for 180 days and you will be required to pay $15 for each day the car is in their possession. Avoid such and many more expenses by getting insured while at the same time, making sure you will not go broke after an accident due to paying for expenses out of your pocket. You can access information on Texas cheap car insurance by inserting your Zip code in the area provided above.