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Information for Disabled Drivers in Texas

If you live in Texas and need more easy to get to privileges for parking because of a disability, Texas does have license plates and/or placards designating a disabled person for the car that you are in or driving.  This lets you park in handicap reserved parking spaces.  These are spots that are closer to public building and entrances, and this makes it somewhat easier for anyone with problems walking to get to the place they have to go to. You still need to have car insurance in TX.

Texas rules for being considered disabled are:

* You are unable to walk with out some assistance device – such as a brace, cane, another person crutch, or a prosthetic device

* You can not go around without a wheel chair or similar device.

If you are qualified, you can get the special license plates for no charge over what is normal car fee for registration.  Placards, that hang from the drivers rear-view mirror, are $5 and may be put in any car the person who is disabled is in.

These disabled license plates or placards are valid in all states, as placards or special plates issued from other states are applicable in Texas. But when going out of state in your vehicle, you might want to check with the state’s DMV where you are going to learn what steps are needed to take to get official temporary placards. Read our “Drivers with Disabilities” article for the state you’re visiting for more information and contact details.

Whether you want to get disabled placards or license plates, your physician will have to verify that you are disabled and state whether the disability is permanent or only temporary. Just persons who have permanent disabilities can acquire disabled license plates, but placards are obtainable for individuals whose disabilities is either temporary or permanent. Placards for temporary disabilities are valid for only 6 months.

Texas drivers needing to apply for handicapped parking placards or  license plate need to complete the “Application for Disabled Person Identification Placard or Disabled Person License Plate” that can be found on the TXDOT website. Part of this form needs to be filled out by your physician. The form needs be submitted to your “county tax assessor-collector”.

For more information with further details on the Texas program for disabled license plates and placards, download the “Basic Facts for People with Disabilities” pamphlet or call customer help line at (512) 465-7611.

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