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How To Improve Auto Insurance Law Enforcement In Texas Via TexasSure

Vehicle accidents on the roads of Texas have caused untold devastation and negative consequences to the lives of a large number of Texans. It would be so frustrating and overwhelming to find out that a driver who has caused you bodily or even property damage has no insurance and cannot afford to pay for the damages and expenses he or she has made. If you have liability insurance then it covers people and property you might cause injury or damage to but if you have additional personal injury protection then you will also have coverage for yourself.

TexasAutoInsuranceAccording to the Insurance Research council, the number of drivers driving without insurance is on the rise. It is estimated that one out of six motorists in the US are on the roads have no auto insurance whatsoever. Some have attributed the rise to the economic downturn since 2009. In the state of Texas alone, the Texas Department of Insurance has estimated that one out of every five drivers i.e. 20%, on the roads of the state have no insurance. It is in light of such shocking statistics that Texas car insurance laws have been taken a step further to help protect the citizens.

To help curb and minimize the rampant number of drivers without insurance on the road, the state has improved on technology used in verification of the drivers’ auto insurance status. This is aimed at improving the safety of the driver and other citizens while making it as cost effective as possible in addition to protecting the privacy of drivers. Information is relayed from the point you buy auto insurance information from the insurance carrier. The carrier is required by law to give this information to the state via the Texas DMV departments which is stored in a centralized database which is accessible by all the relevant law enforcement authorities in real time. A law enforcement officer will be able to verify if you have valid and current auto insurance o the spot. Such authorities with access to the information include the local police, sheriff officers, the Department of public Safety and vehicle registration officers.

It has become quite hard to drive without auto insurance in Texas and rightly so because of the risks involved. If you are nabbed for such an offence, Texas car insurance law requires that you face penalties and pay a fine of $350 for first time offenders to $1,000 for repeat offenders and you may have your driver’s license and registration for up to two years. The law calls for you to show proof of auto insurance whenever asked to produce it. Meaning, you should have a copy of your insurance card in the car when driving in Texas even if they are able to verify your status via TexasSure.

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