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How Can Texas Law Affect Your Auto Insurance Options In The State?

Most auto insurance companies in the state of Texas gladly provide you with auto insurance at a cheap rate. Most of them do not turn you down even if you have a driving record that is not perfect, have let your auto insurance lapse, have never been insured before, or have had you licenses revoked or suspended in the past. The Texas law on car insurance is particularly strict on the above named issues but more so, on the issue of driving without any sort of auto insurance. This is because all motorists or car owner in the state of Texas are obligated under the law to have or to show proof of the ability to financially meet expenses and costs that may come about as a result of a car accident in which they are involved in. Most of the motorists achieve this by buying auto insurance from Texas car insurance companies although it is not the only method.

If you plan to buy auto insurance in Texas, the law has clearly stipulated what the minimum limits are. Previously, the limit was put at 25/50/25 but as of 1st January 2011, the limit was raised to 30/60/25. The numbers may seem confusing but what it means is that the minimum limit for personal injury to one person for every accident is 30,000, the minimum limit for personal injury to two or more people per accident is 60,000 and the minimum limit for property damage for every accident is 25,000. This is just the minimum liability limit as stated and required by the government but does not mean that it’s necessarily adequate. It is advisable to get a policy with additional coverage even though it will cost slightly more.

Personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage

Texas law on car insurance does not require that you have this kind of coverage on your policy but it is recommended and your insurance company or agent will offer them. It provides payment to you for injuries sustained from the fault of another person who does not have auto insurance in TX or their insurance company cannot or will not pay up. It provides coverage for medical expenses, loss of wages, and cost of caretaking if you need it after an accident or even funeral expenses.

The law is clear on these matters and if found in Texas driving without insurance, you will face penalties. Texas law on car insurance states that if you are a first time offender, you may be fined between $175 up to $350. If you violate the insurance laws at anytime in the future, the fines will rise and range between $350 and $1,000. This may also lead to suspension of your driver’s license or get your car impounded.

The law is unyielding on these issues and your Texas car insurance agent or dealer should inform you of these vital regulations. To find reliable auto insurance companies in Texas that can help you with such matters or if you want to get more information on the subject of Texas law on car insurance, you can enter your zip code in the slot above and be informed.