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Housing Assistance for Low-Income Earners in Texas

Texas is one of many states that offers programs funded by the Federal government and administer by varies agencies in the state that assist many problems that life throws at low-income families and individuals.  There are many churches and non-profits in Texas that show generosity and compassion in assisting that low-income person.  This article will go thru some of the housing assistance programs that are available.   There are also programs that help those with low-income find the best rate for Texas car insurance.

Section 8 is a housing voucher program that offers rental help for families with low-income. With this program, a family is able to select where they want to live, as long as the landlord will accept vouchers for housing.  The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs pays a portion that is approved of the rent directly to the landlord and the family pays the remainder. The amount of this assistance is dependent on Texas evaluating several aspects determined for eligibility for Section 8 vouchers.  For instance, household size, family income, family assets, childcare expenses, medical payments as well as citizenship all are taken into consideration in determining if a family is eligible.

The Texas Department of Housing and Urban Development manages communities of public housing for low-income families thru out the state.  These communities exist around large metropolitan areas such as Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and Houston, as well as some in rural areas.  The housing facilities vary from apartment buildings to individual homes and are dependent on what part of the state, and offer reduced rental rates. Senior citizens, low-income families as well as those who are disabled might qualify for this public housing.  In order to apply, the applicants need to meet with a Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs representative in their portion of Texas.  This representative will work with the applicant to decide eligibility and can conduct an interview at-home with the family of the applicant.

It needs to be reminded that every car driven in Texas must have Texas car insurance. This can be a burden on low-income families but still it is vital and it is the law in Texas.

Families who are Low-income may make application for help thru the public housing or Section 8 programs by stopping into a neighborhood HUD office or Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs office in their area.  They may submit an application for the “Texas Mortgage Credit Program” by seeing someone in their local area housing authority administrative center or working with the mortgage provider.  Anyone who is an applicant will have to show proof of residency as well as income for any housing assistance program.

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