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Great Things About Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

Many of the drivers are unaware about Texas auto insurance quotes and information. Auto insurance is made to help the drivers in case of accidents and mishaps.

Auto Insurance Info in Texas

Auto insurance is the insurance purchased for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles primarily used for providing financial safety against physical damage or any injury resulting due to any accident. In Texas, there are tough auto insurance policies and therefore, it is required that the vehicle be insured. According to the reports, up to 20 percent of drivers on the road at any time in Texas are uninsured. So, to decrease the number of uninsured drivers, the lawmakers have made it obligatory to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Under Texas law, it is required to provide documentary proof of financial responsibility in certain circumstances.

•             At the request of law enforcement officer.

•             After an accident.

•             Registering the car.

•             Renewing the driving license.

The violation of state’s financial responsibility has following penalties:

•             First offense: fine of $175 to $350

•             More offenses: fine of $350 to $1,000

•             Offense without a driver’s license: $2,000 maximum fine, 180 days in jail, or both

•             Offense if you cause an accident with serious injuries or death: $4,000 maximum fine, one year in jail, or both.

Texas insurance policies pay for car repair, car replacement, medical care of the driver, towing and some other expenses. Texas insurance policy has following coverage plans:

Liability insurance: These expenses include medical bills, car repair and car rental. If the person is injured, he is liable to receive $30,000 per accident. This amount is doubled if 2 persons are injured in an accident. For property damage, the claim is $25,00.

Collision coverage: This coverage pays to repair or replace the car after the damaged caused to it. The company pays the amount equal to the actual cash value of the car minus the deductible.

Comprehensive coverage: It pays to repair or replace the car if it is stolen or damaged by an event other than collision; like fire, hail, falling objects etc.

Medical payments: Pays the medical and funeral bills if any person in the car is injured or killed during a road accident.

Personal injury protection (PIP): It pays the medical bills plus 80 percent of lost income and cost of hiring a caretaker for the person injured during the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist (UM/UIM): It pays the expenses from the accident caused by a motorist who does not have enough insurance or by a hit-and-run driver. It also covers the personal property damaged in the car.

Towing and labor coverage: This coverage pays for the case when the car cannot be driven and needs to be towed. It also includes the small labor charges like replacing a flat tire, maintaining the battery etc.

Rental reimbursement coverage: This coverage is for the rental cars. It pays a set daily for a rental car if it is damaged and being repaired.

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