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General Overview Of DWI And DUI Which Concerns Car Insurance In Texas

In the United States, the state of Texas is a formidable opponent in many areas and sadly one of them is in deaths and accidents caused by persons driving while intoxicated. Statistics shows that average of two thousand people die annually as a result of DUI and DWI. Due to this rising statistics, the Car Insurance in TX industry has had to come up with ways of discouraging this life threatening behavior. Among these ways is limiting the level of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). This particular statute has been passed all over the US with different limits according to the law of the particular state.

TexasAutoInsuranceThe limit in Texas for BAC is set at 0.08 percent. Any person driving with alcohol content of 0.08 percent and above is liable to answer to charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI). This offence has been found to be common among all age groups of legal drivers. It is however, particularly common in young inexperienced drivers. Young drivers are already ranked as a high insurance risk in Texas and adding this to their long list of possible traffic violations makes the roads even more dangerous for the public. The most prevalent age brackets for DUIs are those aged between 21 to 34 years of age.

A Texas DUI or DWI conviction has very dire consequences to any person in Texas. A first time offender depending on the gravity of the charge could get away with a warning or even have their driver’s license suspended for a certain period of time. The police officers use a breathalyzer test to determine one’s alcohol level when driving. The breathalyzer determines the alcohol level from a breath sample given by the driver. One has the right to refuse a breathalyzer test in the field. This is because there may not be enough evidence that can stand in court. However, if you choose to forego the breathalyzer test in the field, the driver’s license can automatically withheld and suspended for a minimum of six months. This will just be the first step and if you are convicted of the DUI in a court of law, the 6 month suspension will be added to whatever penalties the court will hand over to you. If the driver is below 21 years of age and is found to be driving under the influence, it is immediately considered a crime.

The penalties, fines and surcharges that one has to pay as a result of a guilty DUI verdict are put in place to deter the driver and others from indulging in DUI. There are levels of DUI all with different penalties and some may result in incarceration. The internet is a hub for all this information and keeping yourself abreast with this information is your best line of defense. Enter your Zip in this site to browse for the different Texas DUI restrictions as per your area.