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Further Information on Helping a Young Driver to Learn to Drive

This is further information to better help the teen and parents go thru Texas’ program for new or younger drivers.  It is important that all this material be accessed and used in teaching the teen how to drive.  It is not only valuable matter but it also can help Texas car insurance stay at the best rate possible for your family.

Important tips for teens:

* Always buckle up for safety and make certain you and your passengers use seat belts.  Seat belts save lives and it is the law in Texas;

* Slow down – fast driving gives you less reaction time and can also quickly get your new license taken away;

* Always use your turn signals – an accident cause by not using your turn signals – is your responsibility;

* Don’t drink and drive.  It causes accidents and is not legal under the age of 21;

* Focus only on the task of driving and the road as well as conditions around you;

* Do not utilize your cell phone for talking or texting while driving.  This is such a huge distraction Texas currently has banned cell phone use altogether while in the car.

* Do not eat or drink while driving as both these are interruptions;

* Plan in advance – know wherever you are going and have directions on how to get there.  This will save you from being hurried and again possibly causing an accident;

* Leave early as this gives you plenty of time to get where you are going. Being worried about being late to school or work can be another distraction.

Note that any accidents can not only harm you or your passengers but it can also raise the rate you and your parents pay for Texas car insurance.

Important tips and rules to enforce for parents:

* Set an example as all teenagers learn by positive role models;

* Know the rules of the road – if you are not sure – get a driver’s manual so you can refresh your memory;

* Make certain your vehicle is safe and well-maintained and teach your teen how to do this also;

* Know what tasks and requirements you will need to teach your teen;

* Begin slowly and simple, and in an area with little traffic such as a large lot for parking;

* Slowly work up to more difficult driving situations;

* Let your teen drive in every type of situations as well as all types of weather;

Rules for after they get their license:

* Limit number of passengers;

* Slowly rise the time you allow your teen to have the car;

* Enforce a curfew;

* Slowly raise the distance they can go;

* No eating or drinking while driving;

* Make then turn off the cell phone while driving or better yet leave it at home;

* No drinking and driving;

* Occasionally ride with your teen to see how their skills are.

Make sure that you are getting the cheapest car insurance rates during each stage of a teen learning how to drive especially if your teen is a good driver.  If you would like to search for cheaper rates, just insert your Zip Code in place at the top of this page and we will quickly compare rates for you with all other cheap Texas car insurance. You may be paying far more than you need to, even with a teenage driver.