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Familiarizing The Laws Of Texas Car insurance

A person who owns and drives a vehicle in Texas is bound by the law to purchase auto insurance. Furthermore, he has to carry the proof of his auto insurance with him at all times in case he is pulled over by a law enforcement official. To meet the requirements of the law, most motorists and drivers purchase the auto insurance liability requirements. However, if you are looking for Texas car insurance, it is recommended to get a more comprehensive coverage plan than just the minimum requirements since full coverage costs almost as much as the minimum insurance there.


Whether you get the minimum liability requirements or full insurance coverage, it is nevertheless compulsory to have either of these insurance plans. Even the cheaper car insurance is enough to cover for personal bodily injuries and property damage done to the vehicle or other property. If your vehicle is rendered useless as a result of the accident, the insurance coverage will not only pay for the repairs on the vehicles involved in the accident but will also cover the expenses for a rental vehicle. With all these regulations involved, it is crucial for any driver and motorist to get accustomed to the laws of Texas car insurance.

According to the laws of auto insurance in Texas some five years back, the minimum liability requirements followed the 20/40/15 rule. According to this stipulation, motorists and drivers were required to get minimum $20,000 coverage for each person injured in the accident and $40,000 for the total accident. A further provision of $15,000 was made to cover the property damages. As of April 1st, 2008, the law was amended and the minimum liability requirements were raised to 25/50/25. It is very important to stay up to the date with the current laws of auto insurance in a particular state since these laws tend to change with time. Although these regulations were modified way back in 2008, some internet pages and websites still carry the old requirements on their pages. Whenever you are looking for auto insurance coverage in any state or region, it is important to stay up to date with the laws so that you don’t end up buying more coverage than what is required.

The premium set by Texas car insurance companies depends on a variety of factors. First of all, they carry out an assessment of the risk factors involved with handing a person insurance coverage. These risk factors asses’ different things like credit ratings, driving records, condition of the vehicle and a lot of other things as well. Your driving skills are perhaps the most important thing that determines the kind of insurance premium you will receive. Drivers who have had serious cases mentioned in their permanent records like a hit and run or DUI charges will have a hard time getting affordable premium rates from Texas car insurance companies.

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