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Facts About SR-22 Car Insurance In TX

The state of Texas requires every driver of theirs to pay for any accidents that is their fault. That’s why under the states’ Financial Responsibility laws, every driver is required to file a SR-22 Insurance form to the Department of Public Safety after they have their drivers’ licenses suspended or revoked. Car Insurance in TX requires extra supervision for those who are considered to be problem drivers. If you are convicted for DWI/DUI in Texas, chances are, you will be requested to get SR-22 insurance.


Drivers who match any of the following categories are required to submit and fill an Texas SR-22 form: a driver who had an accident while uninsured; If a driver has unsatisfied judgment against him or her after being involved in an accident; If a person drove while intoxicated and had their drivers’ license suspended or revoked; If mandatory insurance supervision is received by a driver; If a person is convicted 3 or more times for uninsured driving.

If any of the above situations fit your predicament, you will be required to obtain an SR-22 Insurance cover in Texas before you can get your drivers’ license reinstated. In order to obtain one, you must contact a car insurance provider agent, broker or insurance firm to purchase a policy. Then you have to pay the fee in order to get your proof of insurance to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) by your insurance provider.

If DPS accepts your application for SR-22 insurance within 30 days you will receive a SR-26 form from your insurance provider plus an acceptance letter from the Department of Public Safety. For 1-2 years after your conviction, your SR-22 insurance coverage will have to be maintained. If the insurance lapses or gets terminated, you may face further suspension of your drivers’ license. The reason for the lapse could be genuine like lack of funds but that discretion is passed to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to decide on your fate.  If this is the case, one may be advised to wait the expiry of the suspension to resume driving. On expiry of the filing period of the SR-22, the insurance policy premiums may go back to normal.

With different companies, the cost of the same insurance may be different. And with SR-22, you can be paying more than twice of the amount for the same insurance with different insurance providers. It is therefore important to use the help of this website to shop around and compare different quotes.

This site is built to help you with tough choices for any drivers, even under DWI or DUI conviction or when what you are looking for is SR-22 insurance. All you have to do is enter your zip code above and click and compare the many insurers available. Be sure that you will find the best insurance company for yourself.