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DWI And DUI Laws Imposed For Repeat Offenders

Repeat Offenders in regards to DWI and DUI Laws in Texas are found to be suffering from a condition called Recidivism. This is a major dilemma in the war against intoxicated driving. The initial purpose of the stringent DWI and DUI Laws was to thwart persistent alcohol abusers from committing or repeating offenses related to drunk driving. However, much we may try to punish DUI offenders; no punishment is tough enough to avert recidivism. The DWI and DUI Laws can only do so much in terms of penalties against such offenders but others argue that it is aimed at punishing drivers on their first DUI felony.

A Repeat Offender in this category may need more than stiff penalties to deal with the issue. Most are alcohol addicts and may benefit more from enforced rehabilitation to recover from alcoholism. According to the DMV in Texas, a convicted DUI offender with a low Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) has a higher likelihood of falling back into alcoholism than anyone else. Such persons with low BAC pose a high safety risk on the roads to the public. Persons with a brief history of traffic convictions should be an indicator of recidivism.

A number of techniques have been tried and tested over the years to reduce road accidents due to repeat drunken driving offenders. None have made considerable advance until the introduction of Ignition Interlock Devices or IIDs.  This is a device installed on a car much like a breathalyzer used by police but with some added modifications when they get a DUI case. The Ignition Interlock Device requires the driver to blow a sample of their breath into the device before starting the vehicle. The breath sample should have a blood alcohol level that is less than 0.08 percent. If the Ignition Interlock Device recognizes that the blood alcohol level is at 0.08 percent and above, it coordinates a sequence of events that disable the ignition of the vehicle.

This will make the driver either call for a cab or have a friend take him or her home. This device can be installed in an offender’s car or any that he may have access to. In a family that has a DUI offender, all the family cars can be installed with the Ignition Interlock Device. This technology has expanded to a level that even some companies install them on their vehicles just as a measure to avoid being sued in the event of a Texas DUI related accident.

All said and done, DUI repeat offences in TX are a serious issue in the whole of the United States and not only Texas. All stake holders are researching on better and more permanent solutions to this vice. There is a major difference between first time and repeat offenders. Repeat offenders are the main cause of alarm. The internet has many websites with advice on dealing with alcoholism and persons who repeatedly fall off the wagon. Enter your Zip above so that we can point you to a website that may help you.