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Discover Texas Auto Insurance Requirements For Driving Under DUI And DWI

Texas is a state of laws and regulations. If the laws are about driving then you cannot imagine the level of strictness. If a person is found drunk in the car then police officers impose heavy fines. Therefore, it is necessary to have car insurance in TX. One cannot survive without having financial security of car insurance. The rules and regulations are very strict in Texas about car insurance. It is mandatory to have insurance for driving. If someone is found without insurance then he can subject to heavy fines. Car driving is not simple in the city.

One needs to abide by the law for having security here. If someone has broken the law for the first time under DUI/DWI in Texas, then his license is sealed for 60 days and put to jail. He has to pay minimum fine of $600 on the spot. If the same offense is repeated for second time then the penalty is doubled. Driving while intoxicated is strictly banned in Texas. If you are caught driving and found drunk then heavy fine is imposed. If the level of alcohol found in the blood is more than 0.8 then it is an offense. If it is below 0.8 then it is tolerable. If the person who is driving is below 21 and found drunk then it is also an offense in Texas.

Dos and Don’ts:

Few things are strictly to be followed to have safe and comfortable life in Texas:

•             You must be having driving license

•             Your car must be insured in-order to have safety against accidents

•             You must abide by laws like safe driving, no over speeding, drinking and smoking should not done etc.

One has to fulfill all the conditions to have safe driving in Texas. Otherwise, they can even cancel the registration of car.

In Texas, if you are found involved in any rules violation case then it is considered a crime. The case is forwarded to court. A lawyer is hired for the criminal activities by the Govt. The lawyer fights for the case in court. The witnesses and evidences are presented in court of law. The judge takes a decision by listening to both the lawyer and driver. If the decision is taken in favor of driver, he is released with the warning of not doing the crime again. If the allegation is proved then the driver is put to jail depending on the condition. If the offense is done for the first time then he is sentenced to jail for 90 days, otherwise the length can increase up to 10 years as well if it is repeatedly done. In order to save you from this stuff, get auto insurance and do not think of breaking laws in Texas. Car insurance keeps you save from paying the damages of the car. If your car is hit in an accident then your insurance policy will save you. You have to pay annual premium for the policy and car is saved for life time.

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