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Car Insurance in TX: The Importance Of Point System’s Role In DUI And DWI

The point system was put in place to consistently track the record of reckless drivers. A set number of points were pinned to a driver any time a traffic violation occurred and this was saved in the persons driving record. An accumulation of such points lead to a driver being indicted which can cause suspension of the said person’s driver’s license. These points would eventually find their way to someone’s Car Insurance record. Apart from the suspension of the license car Insurance in TX, firms will charge higher insurance premiums.

This system was very effective and caused people to always be vigilant on the road since they might not know how many traffic violations may be piling up in the event that they are stopped by a police officer. The state placed fines and penalties on such violations and it made a lot of money from the venture. Some accumulated points would be so high for repeat offenders that they pay fines for three consecutive years. This is a huge financial toll on anyone and in essence, made road users more adherent to traffic rules.

Now, after fighting and loosing the case in court, one had to contend with paying the fines and penalties imposed by the state. The state of Texas has a conviction based surcharge that one has to pay for the offense for three years. If your careless driving as a result of Texas DUI caused someone bodily harm or any fatalities, one may find themselves answering to charges of intoxicated assault or manslaughter respectively. In such a case, an entirely different system comes in to deal with your predicament.

The costs one will pay for a DUI in Texas will be broken down as follows:

•             A hardship driving permit to allow you travels to and from work or school.

•             A court sanctioned counseling or drug abuse class.

•             Restoring the suspended driver’s license.

•             Installation of an Ignition Interlock System in your car.

•             A DUI attorney to help you through the court proceedings

•             And other insurance fees and surcharges.

The fines by the court vary depending on if you are a first time or a repeat offender. In Texas, the fines range from $2,000 for a first time to up to $5,000 for repeat offenders. These charges have so far deterred any would be repeat offenders but there are those who still do. Such persons need more help since they might be dealing with a substance addiction wherein the court’s mandated counseling is not enough. With the current economic situation worldwide, it is very hard to have a family member going through this in addition to the expensive Car Insurance in TX. Enter your Zip in the provided slot to find competitive insurance quotes or institutions to help with persons suffering substance addictions.