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Beneficial Information About Texas Auto Insurance Laws

There are numerous laws for Texas auto insurance. It is not easy to understand all. Some call it benefit and some call it liability. What is the reality? Whether auto insurance laws are made to facilitate the people of Texas or to get profits from them on the name of benefits? If you haven’t got your car insured while living in Texas, the first mistake you would ever make is to sit behind the wheel and bring the vehicle on the road. Once you are cornered by a law enforcement officer, you are doomed.  Driving the automobile without any proof of coverage policy, at first costs between $170 and $350 and which can possibly go to as high as $1000 along with the suspension of driving privileges and expropriation of the vehicle if the offense is repeated. So you had better start thinking about getting the liability coverage or you could get into the trouble of jail sentence plus paying double the amount all by yourself.

Consider you are on the road in an uninsured automobile and you collide into one of the cars nearby. Well, accidents do occur and most of them are unavoidable but if you are the one at fault then you put not only yourself in a fix but there would be no compensation for the other person’s loss. You have to pay for the damage you caused. This is where insurance becomes a vantage too.  It would be a more appealing and beneficial to you when you have your liability coverage and you financially protected yourself from paying the expenses out of pocket after an accident in which you had no part.

Liability coverage in Texas

In the Lone Star State (Texas) auto insurance requires a minimum of 30/60/25 liability coverage which means if during an accident you are at fault then your insurance company would pay to the other party as follows: $30,000 for corporal damage to one person or $60,000 to two or more injured will cover the medical bills, funeral expenses etc. $25,000 is paid for the property damage i.e. car repair or replacement, car rentals while the vehicle involved in the accident is being repaired.

In order to maintain law and order on the state roads, TX Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act is made which makes the residents comply with the rules and regulations. The Lone Star State requires its citizens to provide proof of liability coverage when asked by authorities in the conditions like accident scene, traffic halt, upon registration of the vehicle, or issuance or renewal of driving license. Furthermore the records are updated on regular basis by the ‘Texas Sure’: an insurance verification program setup under the act. The accounts are revised in accordance with the weekly reports obtained from law enforcement offices and the insurance companies which providing the vehicle identification number (VIN) of each automobile that is under active insurance from their company. All of this procedure is to ensure that drivers uninsured are kept off the streets.

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