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Auto insurance tips with youngsters in the house

There are a few ways by which you can actually cut your costs:

Increase your comprehensive and collision deductibles to $1000 at least. That will lower your premium and will keep you from filing small claims that can jeopardize your claims free discount. Put some additional money away in your emergency fund, so that you are able to pay for the deductible in case someone in your family has an accident.

For your old cars, you should drop the collision and comprehensive coverage completely, that are worth less than the deductible. Even if the car is totaled you might actually get lesser than what you are paying from the insurance company.

Buy a car that is safe for driving, and can withstand a little more bumps than other cars. That way you can be slightly more at peace mentally and can reduce your insurance premium.

As many companies offer discounted policy rates to kids who get good grades at school, you should encourage your children for the same. College kids need to take about 12 credits to be eligible for the discount.

If your kids stay away from home, then show the proof of that to the insurance company, so they can reduce the insurance premium.

Find out if the insurance companies offer a discount for children who have completed a driving course that is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. If they do, you can send your child to take such a training course that will make sure he gets good instruction and you get reduced premium eligibility.

Do your research before finalizing on the insurance policy. The insurance market is very competitive and the companies are looking for new customers all the time. So you should ask around, speak to multiple agents, shop for offers, see how much discount can you get from them, what additional services are they ready to offer, before you actually sign a deal. It might take a little time but if it saves a few precious bucks there is no harm done.

Car insurance is the need of the day if you have a car, with or without children, so make your sure you get the policy that suits your needs. To find out more about insurance policy rates in your area, enter your zip in the tab on top of this page.