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Auto Insurance in Texas: Laws For Minor Drivers

The law is unwavering when it comes to the issue of auto insurance in Texas. This means that no matter who you are, if you own or drive a vehicle in the state then you are required to have auto insurance or have some sort of proof that you can pay for costs of damages or injury in case you cause a car accident. You must maintain a personal injury minimum of $60,000 for an accident, $30,000 per person and $25,000 for property damage. This coverage will only cover the other driver if the minor driver was at fault and caused the accident.

The auto insurance laws on minors in Texas requires that a minor apply for a graduate license or learner permit with show of proof of insurance from the minor or his/her parents or guardian. This should be presented along with other required documents. Proof of auto insurance or financial responsibility by the minor driver is compulsory.

Auto insurance in Texas for minors can be obtained in many forms. They can buy their own auto insurance or get coverage under their parents’ or guardians’ policy. In some instances, auto insurance companies in Texas, adding minors to parents’ or guardians’ policy if they live in the same household is a requirement. A minor driver may be excluded or removed from the parents’ policy if the insurance carrier allows such action in their guidelines. Therefore, parents must be watchful of such specific detail before getting auto insurance policy from the carriers.

In addition, with every registration, application or renewal of a license, auto insurance laws on minors in Texas requires that they produce proof of auto insurance. Failure to do so leads to denial of application. A minor is also required to provide proof of insurance if and when asked by a law enforcement officer before a car inspection and immediately after any car accident. Also, just like any other driver in Texas, failure to adhere to the auto insurance laws may result in penalties and fines. Repercussions such as suspension of registration privileges applicable to the minor along with their driving privileges may also be put into danger. Minors who are first time offenders may face fines of up to $1,000. Reinstatement of driving privileges requires that they secure an SR-22. This is a certificate of insurance certifying that the minor whose driving privileges have been revoked or suspended has auto insurance in Texas with a carrier. Cancellation of the policy is reported to the Texas DMV by the insurance carrier.

Cheap auto insurance options for minors in Texas are not easy to find due to the high risk they present as first time drivers. However, a lot of TX auto insurance companies are willing to go all the way to ensure the youngsters are insured. To find some of these insurance companies and compare their rates, just enter your zip above and some basic information and get results real easy.